Time. This is very important. If you can provide at least 30 minutes, it means you are in a good position.
You can learn English for example through audio, which you can listen while doing everyday tasks, or while on travel. If you have time to use the audio component, means you can use it to learn English.
Instead of wasting time to see the traffic jam and listening to the song, use for something useful, such as learning English. In conclusion, the more time you give, the better. There is a proverb which says time is money.

Money. It’s also very important. Because in our study definitely buy the means to learn and all of that costs money.
But that’s not the only factor. Motivation and desire can also lead you to go away even if only with material that is cheap but still good. Especially if you add it with other material from various sources that you choose. And remember this is fine when you want to select a product.

Study habits. Almost all people have sufficient ability to learn a language, even if you do not realize it.
Having good study habits can also help. Can you learn with a regular time each day without being disturbed or feel bored and tired? What lesson do you like in school? If you enjoy reading, take advantage! Be sure to choose a book or a good text component.
If you frequently use a computer, then use the software method. If you prefer to talk, use the audio method, and practice conversation. Take advantage of all abilities and your strengths. Do not expect all methods will be suitable. Better to maximize strengths and minimize your deficiencies.

Audio. Audio component is essential for learning any language, including English. Therefore, the main form of communication is spoken language. We learn the original language while still a child in a way to hear and imitate. This is something that often take for granted.
Is not it fair if we learn a new language by listening to various sounds, vocals, consonants, and rhythms that exist in the audio component? In fact, I believe that the methods of the most successful language learning is based audio. We can listen to conversations with the English language, as well as song, it can help us learn English.

Reading. We can read books that speak English, it can train us to understand the material contained therein.

If we are studying in Note teacher who was teaching, reading textbooks is given, work on example problems and the tasks given, the debate in English, held discussions with the English language, it all can help us learn English.